Skolen holder fysisk lukket. Efter Statsministerens pressemøde den 6. april 2020 er perioden blevet forlænget. Vi kan stadig kontaktes på mail og telefon, da alle medarbejdere arbejder hjemmefra. LÆS MERE

Welcome to Green Academy

Green Academy is a vocational school that was founded in 1889. The school is situated in the heart of Denmark – on the peninsula of Jutland just outside Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus.

Green Academy offers a broad range of educations within all green areas: Landscaping, Gardening, Floristry, Foresting, Farming, Farm Machinery Operating, Animal Care and Nursery, both for Danish and international students.

Besides offering different educations, by participating in different Erasmus+ projects (Key Action 1 and Key action 2) and Nordplus projects, we give the students and the staff the opportunity to spend a period abroad. This is to increase their skills and their future employability.

In the past few years, Green Academy has successfully secured Erasmus+ founding, each year sending more than 30 students for three weeks internships all over Europe.


In 2018, Green Academy has been awarded the prestigious Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training (VET) Charter as a result of this success. This Charter recognizes the school’s excellent performance, managing student mobility projects.

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Karolina Sikala
International coordinator