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Boarding House

While attending our international courses, you will be staying at our boarding house along with our Danish students. The boarding house is in Beder which a small city located approximately 10 km south of Aarhus. Here we offer a cozy and social environment with a good atmosphere and a short distance to Aarhus.

In the boarding house, you will be living in single or double rooms. Some of the rooms have their own bathroom, others have a shared bathroom in the hallway. Several kitchens are for general use and you have free access to Wi-Fi in all rooms.

The boarding house also offers a lot of great facilities which you are free to use in our spare time. We have our own soccer field, a multi-purpose pitch, a gym, a volley court, mini golf, a music room, a gamer room, a cinema and bar. The school is located in a beautiful area with the beach and forest within cycling distance.