JU Århus udpeget som værtsskole for nyt grønt videnscenter🌱🤓♻️🧑‍💻 LÆS MERE ☀️ Skolen holder sommerferielukket i uge 28-29-30. Du har mulighed for at tilmelde dig en uddannelse med studiestart til august helt frem til d. 28. juli 2024 ☀️

Tropical House

In the tropical house at Bredballegård the keepers/students can practice. We have turtles, tarantulas, snakes, central bearded dragons and marmosets. As a student, you will take care of the animals, feed them, and learn about cleaning and maintenance of the cages.

We also have an aviary, stables with livestock, and an area with mice and rats, where you learn about reproduction and sex determination.