Skolen holder fysisk lukket og perioden er forlænget til og med mandag den 13. april 2020. Vi kan stadig kontaktes på mail og telefon, da alle medarbejdere arbejder hjemmefra. LÆS MERE


The school has its own library. You will find the library in the Beder department of the school. We have books and magazines with topics such as greenhouse, gardens, farming, nature, plants etc. Some of the books are very special. There are no other libraries in Denmark where you can borrow these books. Students are able to borrow books, magazines and DVDs from the library.

Mette is our librarian. She will help you find the right book or article you are looking for, and she can teach you how to search for materials in databases. Maybe you need a rest?  You can relax in the sofa corner in the library, while reading your favorite magazine.