Vores talentfulde anlægsgartnerelever, Magnus og Nikolaj, har vundet DM i Skills🥇 LÆS MERE

Stable and fields

At the school's own farm, Bredballegård, we have livestock production and plant production. We have 55 hectares of land where we cultivate different crops such as barley, wheat, corn, grass and clover. We have about 30 dairy cows of the Jersey breed, delivering milk to the dairy Arla. The cows are on grass in the summer. We have piglets with about 50 pigs in the stable at a time. The pigs are delivered to the Danish Crown slaughterhouse. In the yard, we also have a horse stable with horses for training and education. Additionally, we have goats, chickens and other small animals to be taken care of.

Feeding and managing the animals and working in the field is part of the practical education at Bredballegård.